YS9011 - Kidoizumi - Shizenmai Sparkling - 14% - 36cl

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Brewery: Kidoizumi Shuzo
Type: Junmai yamahai muroka nama genshu shizenshu
Content: 360 ml
Rice polishing %: 60%
Prefecture: Chiba
Alcohol %: 14%
Sake Meter Value: +1,5
Acidity: 2.0
Serving: Drink cold

All the way natural sparkling sake. Made with organic rice and the gas originates in the only natural way, namely by straining the brew roughly so some of the brewing mass is still on the bottle. This is also why sparkling pure sake is always cloudy sake. Unpasteurised, unfiltered, and undiluted to retain all the life, taste and aroma. Dry and refreshing, the real Champagne Japonaise. Open with care, bit by bit, to avoid spillage. Store in refrigeration and drink cold.