YS8160 - Okamura Honke - Kinkame 80 - 17% - 72cl


Brewery Okamura Honke
Type Junmai nama genshu
Content 720 ml
Rice polishing % 80%
Prefecture Shiga
Alcohol % 17%
Sake Meter Value -10
Acidity 2.8
Serving Drink cold or warmed up

Full-body sweet sake from the small traditional brewery Okamura Honke. Only slightly polished, making for a true ‘rice wine’ with a strong rice aroma and colour (yellow). Sweet like candy, but with balancing acidity. This sweet full-rice taste and aroma make the unpasteurised and undiluted variety of the 80 stand out not merely in the high-quality Kinkame junmaishu series but amongst all other sake in Japan and, moreover, make it into one of the few sweet sake that can also be enjoyed warm.

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