YS8200 - Nakano BC - Chochokyu - 17% - 72cl


Brewery Nakano BC
Type Junmai ginjo muroka nama genshu
Content 1.8 l - 2007 / 2010
Rice polishing % 55% / 60%
Prefecture Wakayama
Alcohol % 18%
Sake Meter Value +4 / +2
Acidity 1.7 / 1.8
Serving Drink cold or warmed up slightly

This namazake (unpasteurized sake) has been aged in refrigeration for many years, and accordingly its name translates as ‘very very long’. It is very unusual in its taste composition: combining high amino-acid content and strong acidity, it has a big body, but a soft rice aroma. On the one hand powerful taste, but on the other hand subdued tones of maturation, due to aging below zero. The general impression is of a perfectly balanced sake tilting towards the sweet side. The 2007 vintage is the first of the Chōchōkyū series using only local Yamadanishiki rice, the 2010 is a combination of Yamadanishiki and Omachi rice. Drink cold, preferably in a wine glass to enhance the slightly fruity rice aroma. Also very agreeable when warmed up slightly.

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