YS8070 - Mutemuka Shuzo - Mutemuka - 18% - 72cl


Brewery Mutemuka Shuzo
Type Junmai nama genshu shizenshu
Content 720 ml and 1.8 l
Rice polishing % 70%
Prefecture Kochi
Alcohol % 18%
Sake Meter Value +5
Acidity 1.6
Serving Drink at all temperatures

Made from a local variety of organically grown rice, and aged initially for about half a year at room temperature, this medium-bodied dry namazake (unpasteurized sake ) has a unique ricy, earthy aftertaste. Mutemuka Shuzō's owner was a pioneer when about thirty years ago, against strong opposition from his neighbour farmers who believed in spraying away any form of life, he introduced organic farming to his sake rice. The result is a very earthy dry sake with a chocolate aroma and aftertaste like no other. Drink cold, at room temperature, or warmed up (to enhance the chocolate aroma).

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