YS9020 - Kinoshita Shuzo - Yanwari - 12% - 72cl


Brewery Uehara Shuzo
Type Junmai yamahai ginjo muroka nama genshu
Content 720 ml
Rice polishing % 55%
Prefecture Shiga
Alcohol % 17%
Sake Meter Value +1
Acidity 2.0
Serving Preferably drink warmed up

This limited luxurious ginjō sake is made solely of sake pressed during the middle and most balanced part of the pressing process (nakagumi). This pure natural product has the most beautiful rice aroma of all sake, but the magic soft fragrance only comes out when heated, so especially for this marvellous sake we created a category of ‘Warm Sake’. Whereas most sake on the dry side can be heated, this one needs to be heated to enjoy its full but hidden potential. Slow-brew yamahai, natural yeast, slowly pressed, unpasteurised, unfiltered and undiluted.

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