YS8350 - Kinoshita Shuzo - Tamagawa - Yamahai - 19% - 72cl


Brewery Kinoshita Shuzo
Type Junmai yamahai muroka nama genshu aged 2 years
Content 1.8 l
Rice polishing % 66%
Prefecture Kyoto
Alcohol % 19%
Sake Meter Value unknown
Acidity unknown
Serving Drink at all temperatures

This slow-brew yamahai sake, taking up lacto bactylus and natural yeast present in the brewery, has a strong deep taste and an enchanting rice aroma. Since the re-invention and re-styling of Tamagawa a few years ago, the brand sells out completely. The true delight of Tamagawa’s outspoken taste and aroma, however, is best enjoyed after maturation. Accordingly Yoigokochi has arranged to age this yamahai unpasteurised, unfiltered and undiluted sake at the brewery at room temperature. Very limited. Drink at room temperature, or warmed up.

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