YS5080 - Inoue Gomei - Mii no Umeshu - 10% - 72cl


Brewery Inoue Gōmei
Type Junmai umeshu
Content 300 ml / 720 ml / 1800 ml
Rice polishing % 65%
Prefecture Fukuoka
Alcohol % 10%
Serving Drink ice-cold, straight or on-the-rocks

A deep-tasting plum sake made on the basis of ten-year aged Biden sake. The sweetness of the plums is compensated by its characteristic almond-like aroma, which emanates from the plum pits. Mii no Umeshu provides a very agreeable balance between sweet and sour. Pure, fruity and refreshing

Drink ice-cold, either straight or on-the-rocks.

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