YS8630 - Heiwa Shuzo - Kido Ginjo - 15% - 72cl


Brewery Heiwa Shuzo
Type junmai ginjō
Prefecture Wakayama
Alcohol % 15%
Elegant ginjō sake with a light fruity aroma, light body, and crisp finish. Neither dry nor sweet, but with impressions of both. Sake made with the local cuisine of Wakayama Prefecture in mind, but combines easily with a huge variety of dishes and cuisines. Drink at all temperatures. Store dark and cool.

Heiwa Shuzō (Peace Brewery) has prewar roots but made a re-start after the war. Like a true Wakayama brewery, it produces both sake and plum sake. Recently the brewery has attracted nationwide attention because of the new junmaishu line of Kido and the luxurious plum sake and other fruit sake series called Tsuru-ume.

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