Finca Parera - Rubén Parera - Hopp Salvatge - 2021 - PetNat - vdm regio Penedès

vintage: 2021.

Sant Llorenç d'Hortons around 300 m high, in the Alt Penedès Montserratí. Vineyard of “Las Abejas”.


100% Chardonnay


We make this ancestral in a natural way, with the must at the end of fermentation (density controls and residual sugars G / F) from each year's Chardonnay batch. We bleed the must / wine that is still fermenting into a stainless steel vat to lower the temperature and thus slow down the yeasts and precipitate a part of the more cloudy part of the must / wine by static cold.

We bottle without any intervention or addition, in bottles that withstand the pressure to continue the wild fermentation inside them, and we let it rest all autumn, winter and part of the following spring, slaughtering hot on a descending moon in April.

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