Constantina Sotelo - Sauvage - 2020 - vdm (regio Rias Baixas)

100% Albarino, indigenous yeast, no additives so no added sulphites, fermentation with maceration, aging in oval amphora

Total Acidity: 5,6 g / l
pH: 3.53
Grade alc .: 12,5º
Sugars: <1 g / l
Free SO2: <1 mg / l
Total SO2: <10 mg / l

VARIETY: Albariño
They come from a family vineyard with 50-year-old
strains with free foot, oriented to the northwest that is
1km from the sea. The vineyards are conducted by
means of the breading system.
Budding at the end of February and flowering at the
beginning of May with fruit setting at the end of the same
month and veraison at the end of July, the mildew
attacks mainly in the month of June on the cluster.
The vineyards are on granitic decomposition soils.
Atypical climate, mainly warm vintage, winter with mild
temperatures that do not let the sap rest, warm spring
and rains until July that favor the attack of mildew, dry
summer from July to August, heavy rains in mid-August.
Manual in boxes of 15kg. September 2020
Wort obtained through ground grapes. Macerated
together their skins during spontaneous fermentation
with indigenous yeasts, traced 3 times a day, it is
transferred to amphora at the end of its fermentation.
Aging in oval amphora of mud on its fine lees with
continuous batonage due to convection currents due to
the oval shape that also keeps the wine at a
homogeneous temperature throughout the year.
BOTTLING: August 2021
Unfiltered bottled wine, separated from its lees and other
skins by decantation and without any stabilization
treatment. No SO2 added

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