Domin & Kusicky - David Kušický - Pet Nat - 2021 - Stredoslovenská

***Pinot noir David Kusicky
That works on the senses!
At the beginning, I advise you to cool the bottle well before opening it because it shoots like crazy!💥💣
David Kusicky - a young innovative winemaker who makes a craze with his bottles in the world of wines and gives rise to a new generation of winemaking.
Wine aged in concrete eggs, with a delicate sediment with natural sparkling.
It is characterized by low alcohol and crazy acidity. Intense grapefruit and bitter orange in flavor🍊🍊🍊
Standard without filtration, clarification, additives and sulfur.

Hon: Pustatina – Dolné Plachtince
Odroda: Merlot 20%, Pinot Noir 70%, Tramín červený 10%
Ročník: 2021
Volume: 0,75 l
Alcohol: 12 obj %
Residual sugar: 0,23 g/l
Total acids: 6,19 g/l
Total sulfur dioxide: 23 mg/l
Catalog number: BV0132021

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