YS8150 - Kidoizumi-AFS 2014 - 13% - 50cl

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Brewery: Kidoizumi Shuzo
Type: Junmai yamahai nama
Content: 500 ml
Rice polishing %: 65%
Prefecture: Chiba
Alcohol %: 13%
Sake Meter Value: -28
Acidity: 9.4
Serving: Drink cold

AFS 2014, the limited young and unpasteurised version of the 30 year aged sake AFS, is made by the ‘hot yamahai’ method only used by the brewery Kidoizumi. The result is an intense mix of incredibly high levels of sweetness and acidity, which combine into a sour apple/citrus-like taste. Intense young sake. A truly unique and refreshing aperitif. Drink cold.