Baird Brewing - YS4030 Angry Boy Brown Ale - 7% - 33cl

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Calculated Specifications
Alcohol Content (by volume) : 7.0%
Starting Gravity (degree plato) : 15.5
Finishing Gravity (degree plato) : 2.7
Bitterness Units (IBU) : 45
Color (SRM) : 20

Water: Soft, Cleanly Flavorful, Local
Malted Grain: Floor-malted Maris Otter, Wheat, Caramel
Un-malted Grain: Roast Wheat
Sugar: Japanese Kokuto (Dark Cane) & Korizato (Rock Candy)
Hops: Whole Flower Cones (no pellets or extracts) – Various Varieties
Yeast: House Scottish Ale Strain

Bryan’s Brewing Notes
Personality lies at the core of craft beer. In my opinion, it is the possession of distinctive personality that most distinguishes craft beer from what might be called ‘industrial beer.’ Craft beer competes in the marketplace based on the content of its character. Industrial beer competes by being innocuous and inoffensive. I like well-made industrial beer – always have – and happily drink my fair share of it. But the world of beer is richer, more diverse and interesting than industrial beer would lead the drinker to conclude. My goal as a craft brewer is to deliver beer that bursts with distinctive character and personality. Brewing beer to me is personal. I try to leave a part of me in every beer I design.
Of the hundreds of Baird Beer recipes I have formulated, none is more personally reflective than Angry Boy Brown Ale.