YS8390 - Moriki Shuzo - Tae no Hana - Challenge 90 - 17% - 72cl


Brewery: Moriki Shuzo
Type: Junmai kimoto muroka nama genshu shizenshu
Content: 720 ml, 1800 ml
Rice polishing %: 90%
Prefecture: Mie
Alcohol %: 16%
Sake Meter Value: +4
Acidity: 3.0
Serving: Drink at all temperatures

The ultimate proof that fine, balanced sake can be made from almost unpolished rice. ‘Challenge’, mentions the label, and it indeed took them eight long years to get it right. Pre-modern kimoto slowbrew, making for a relatively dry sake with layers of taste. Starting with full-bodied rich umami and ending with refreshing apple and rice bran acidity.

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