Kamara Pure - Dimitrios Kioutsoukis - Nimbus Albus - 2021 - (regio Macedonia)


Label: Nimbus albus

Origin: North Greece

Appellation: PGI Thessaloniki

Region: Slopes of Kamara-Oraiokastro Thessaloniki

Variety: Malagousia-Assyrtiko (50-50% blend)

History of this label: The label is a painting of our lakes during a cloudy day, as Nimbus means cloud and Albus white. The Nimbus series are natural non filtered wines, giving their hazy hue and an uplifting but soft and round feeling, kind of what drinking a cloud would taste like.

Tasting notes:

Bright golden colour with greenish highlights recalls the colour of a fino sherry. Rich, intense nose, with all natural flavours evolving in mouth. A robust botanical sense combined with stone fruits, leaving in the finish earthy expression with hints of frankincense, lavender and chamomile. The fine alcoholic expression is perfectly harmonious with the low acidity in the palate.

Vineyard notes:

Variety - Rootstock - Hectare/planted - Soil - Orientation - Altitude

Malagousia - Richter 110 - 2.4ha/2008 - Clay-Loam - Eastern - 140m above sea level

Assyrtiko - Richter 110 - 1.44ha/2010 - Silty-Clay-Loam - Eastern - 140m above sea level

Winemaking report:

Each variety destemed and ferments separately in stainless steel tanks (controlled fermentation temperature 18º- 21º C) with indigenous yeasts, no oenological substances added. Spontaneous malolactic fermentation. The produced wines are mixed, racked from the very dense sediments and stirred on fine lees for three months in old barriques (225 liiters each). No protein stabilization, only tartaric stabilization. No fining, no filtration. The maceration before the fermentation lasts 1-2 days depending on the year in low temperature (5-8ο C), that gives to the wine its gold unique color. No sulfites added.

Aging potential:

Aging potential up to 5 years. The wine is bottled with a natural cork closure, in order to ensure a unique aging capacity. Ideal serving temperature between 12-16ο C.

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