In 2009, after a distinguished career in the telecommunications sector Valter, brewer and owner of Loverbeer, decided to dedicate himself full time to his 10 year passion for beer and made it his new vocation.

His brewery was immediately recognized for its particular philosophy which underlines each of his beers: an accurate look into “how beer was once made”, taking inspiration from brewers of Northern Europe, while at the same time incorporating a certain personal component to his recipes, mainly Piedmont and it’s culture, his home region, where many great Italian wines are made. The beers from Loverbeer are both unique and recognizable, in which the raw materials and fermentation process (sometimes spontaneous) are the main protagonists that come together to give life to the liquid; these beers are capable of surprising the drinker by their complexity and perfect balance of flavors and aromas.

What is the mission of Valter? Remain faithful to the true artisan nature of Loverbeer, and continue to offer products that are able to bring new emotion to those who taste them and to surprise even to most refined palates.