Baird Brewing - YS4050 Fruitful life Citrus IPA - 7% - 33cl

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Calculated Specifications
Alcohol Content (by volume): 7%
Starting Gravity (degree plato): 14.5
Finishing Gravity (degree plato): 1.8
Bitterness Units (IBU): 65
Color (SRM): 5

Water: Soft, Cleanly Flavorful, Local
Malted Grain: Floor-malted Maris Otter & Pilsen, Wheat, Cara
Un-malted Grain: Roast Wheat
Sugar: Japanese Korizato (Rock Candy)
Hops: Whole Flower Cones (US Citra, Simcoe, Columbus, Centennial, GR Taurus, Mandarina Bavaria, Hull Melon)
Yeast: House Scottish Ale Strain
Other: Local Daidai, Hassaku & Natsumikan Citrus Fruit (Peels & Juice)

Bryan’s Brewing Notes
Shizuoka prefecture, with its temperate climate, is a wonderful location to grow citrus fruit. One of my favorite local fruits to use in brewing is called Daidai. It is large like a grapefruit but spicier in aroma and much tarter in flavor. It combines gloriously with bright citrusy hops. In fact, you will find it difficult to discern where the hop character ends and the fruit character begins – they are so symbiotically intertwined. That to me is the telltale sign of a well-made fruited beer. This year we also have incorporated into the recipe two other locally grown citrus fruits: Hassaku & Natsumikan. Both are tart and spicily aromatic in a way complementary to the daidai. This marriage of citrusy hops and fresh local citrus fruit is sublime!